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and we have

official info from NBC on the first two episodes of "Heroes," season three.

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I'm loving the new "Heroes" promo pictures that we've been getting, prior to the new season, but I just saw one, and I have a question.

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Heroes HoYay!

Inspired by some of the latest Heroes Cast Shenanigans, I've posted a Heroes HoYay Picspam--with a Musical Twist!. Link is here.

here we go again

NBC's starting the promo for the third season of "Heroes." here's hoping "Villains" is better than. . .god, what was the last chapter called again?

Houston, we have cast sightings.

first, here's a link to a dl for the Kring/Pasdar/Ventimiglia interview at the BAFTAs: hxxp://www.megaupload.com/?d=M7M47S9B

next, Kristen Bell and Milo both have new movies out, so they've been all over the talk shows. here's some interviews from last week:

Milo on "Regis:"

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They're back!

In a follow up to 12_12_12's post, someone posted this on a community last night and I thought it was definitely in need of sharing.

Adrian and Milo goodness

It's been a while, huh?

It's slow season in fandom, but there's still plenty of Petrelli goodness to go around. :D So check out Adrian and Milo at the BAFTAS. Pictures and interviews and guaranteed adorableness, including the boys calling each other "sexy." I am not kidding. *G*

slow around here!

everything's on hiatus, and everyone's having various holiday-type things going on. still, I thought I'd post: lookie loo, it seems like Hayden and Milo are dating after all. they're totally adorable, so let's hope the inevitable breakup doesn't result in Milo being beaten to a bloody pulp by Jack Coleman.

and, in less gossip-worthy news, here's an interview clip with Masi from early in December that I never posted here. my bad.

happy New Year to everyone!


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